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As mentioned in an earlier post, we have had serious issues with our hosting company (myhosting.com) since December last year.

Frequent DDoS attacks and network issues have caused driversprep.com to be unresponsive on just too many occasions.

Our servers have been up and running all the time. They have also had more than enough space and. This is, however, of little importance when the webhosting company cannot maintain a stable environment and websites cannot be reached.

As you understand, this has been a real disappointment to us.

It has probably been an even bigger disappointment to users who are preparing for the written DMV test.

On January 23, things got even worse. Unexpected changes caused our session handling to fail. For several hours users saw an error message instead of a new question. Myhosting’s (desperate?) failover implementation lacked a suitable and scalable solution for PHP sessions.

This morning, I have added a temporary work-around and the practice tests should work again.

What about a long term solution?

Well, we are now abandoning myhosting.com as our hosting company. We plan to make this change in the beginning of February. It should give us a more stable and reliable environment.


Not a Good Start

Network - illustration by Thampapon Otavorn


Driversprep.com has had intermittent network issues since December 29, 2012. For short periods of time the site has been unavailable.

According to the hosting company this is caused by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS attacks are an attempt to make a server or network resources unavailable by flooding it with traffic.

Even if the attacks have been targeted against other sites, they have affected the network and all sites connected. Collateral damage, if you will.

When one of these attacks occurs, response from the site is slow or there is no connection at all.

After 15-30 minutes the hosting company has usually managed to block the attackers. At least until the next attack.