Stay Awake On The Road

Drowsy driving


Concentration is one of the most important elements of safe driving. You must always stop driving when you feel tired or drowsy.

If you are tired before getting behind the wheel, let somebody else drive. Never rely on stay-awake drugs or pep pills. They are likely to make your driving even more dangerous.

Here are some other good advice when you need to drive for several hours.

  • Try to get a normal night’s sleep before you leave. Always plan your trips so you can leave when you are rested.
  • Plan for plenty of time to complete your trip safely.
  • Try not to drive late at night when you are normally asleep.
  • Do not take any medicine that can make you drowsy.
  • On the road, take regular breaks, at least once every 100 miles or every two hours. Get out of the car and walk, stretch, loosen up, and relax. Having a snack or something to drink is also a good idea.
  • If you have company, talk to your passengers in order to stay alert.
  • If you are alone, listen to the radio. Drowsiness or unawareness is often brought on by monotony, like the sound of the wind, the tires on the pavement, and the steady hum of the engine.
  • Open a window to increase fresh airflow.
  • Get into the habit of moving your eyes. Look well ahead, but avoid a fixed stare.

Remember, if you feel drowsy, pull off the road and rest or let somebody else drive.

Most states will have a question about drowsy driving or highway hypnosis on the driver’s license test. The key answer is to stop and take regular breaks. Or to let somebody else drive.