Useful Reminders for the DMV Written Test


Scott McGregor lists 7 important reminders for the DMV written test on It is a quick summary of some very useful tips for students who are preparing to take the DMV written knowledge test.

Outsmart the Multiple-choice Test

The article offers some insight to how multiple-choice tests work, which may give you an edge over DMV and the test-makers. Even if knowledge of rules of the road is by far the best recipe for passing the DMV test, there may be situations when you are forced to guess on the exam.

Test makers often construct false choices (“distractors”) by using words like always or never. Unless the question is directly related to traffic laws, this may warn you that the answer is false.

If you are force to wild guessing, you should also look for the longest answer, or the answer with more details. But be aware of unnecessary details, like numbers, penalties and similar, that may change over time. Test makers don’t want to change their questions just because the law changes.

dmv written test question

All tests are written by humans and are constructed in a certain way to make sure you have the proper knowledge. Test-makers are, of course, also aware of the above and may try to outsmart you instead. So, be careful when you take the exam. Who outsmarts who in the question above?

The Best Strategy is to Use Practice Tests

A DMV written practice test at serves two purposes:

  • You familiarize yourself with the test format.
  • You get instant feedback on your current knowledge level.

With DMV practice tests that are little bit more challenging, you will also learn how to pace yourself and read everything twice. An important experience, when you enter the test room at your local DMV office.

Start by motivate yourself, read your state’s driver handbook, and then take as many practices tests as you need. The more tests you take, the more you will learn.

According to Scott, you should aim for a score of 95 – 100 % on the practice test. Friends and family may also be able to help with honest feedback. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask them.


Montana MVD Practice Test Update at Driver’s Prep

Montana MVD Practice Tests

New Montana MVD Practice Questions

Many new and updated questions have been added to the free Montana MVD practice tests at Driver’s Prep. You now have access to more than 1,000 questions to help your pass your MVD knowledge test and get your learner’s license.

Better and More Complete

This is the largest update to the tests ever made and basically all you need to ace your exam. The tests are better and more complete than on any other site. They cover traffic rules, regulations, laws, and all other information in the Montana Driver Manual (2015). You will also find questions on what to do in emergencies, how to drive safely and stay alert, and how fatigue, alcohol, and drugs may affect your driving.

Official MVD Questions Included

You will also get several of official Montana MVD knowledge questions.

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Oklahoma Practice Tests Updated
The practice tests for Oklahoma have been revised and updated this morning at

There are more than 500 questions covering all aspects of the Oklahoma driver’s manual.

You apply for your license and take your tests at a Driver Testing Facility operated by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. For the Class D license, there are three tests: the vision screening, the written test, and the driving test for cars and motorcycles.

All questions for a Class D license test will be based on the Oklahoma driver’s manual. The written test will include questions about Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices, and drug and alcohol laws and effects.

Two out of three fail their first test – you don’t have to.

By preparing with several practice tests at Driver’s Prep, you can make sure you pass the first time.

Read what one of our users wrote about our tests (April 28, 2013):

I took the test for the first time and passed. Thank you for making this website available free of cost. It was extremely helpful. The explanation given for the answers was a learning tool in itself. If you practice these questions often enough and pass fairly consistently you are bound to pass the real test.

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Louisiana Free DMV Test – 2013 Update

New Orleans, LA - Copyright

The Free DMV practice tests for Louisiana (LA) are updated at You will find more than 500 questions, covering everything you need to know for your actual driver’s license exam.

It doesn’t matter if you are studying for your first learner’s permit, if you need to convert a foreign license to a LA driver’s license, or if you are required to re-take the knowledge test. works for everyone.

Do not waste your time with other websites that only give you short sample tests and try to sell you additional questions. gives you everything for free, no hidden fees or gimmicks.

Learn and master the practice questions before you attempt the real thing. This way you will probably pass the first time. No need to take the real knowledge test several times.

Remember, you can take our practice tests over and over until you have covered the complete manual. Practice makes perfect.

Click on start and go!

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New and Revised Questions on Texas Practice Test

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

This week the Texas preparation tests on have been updated with new and revised questions.

All questions are now based on the 2012 version of the Driver’s Handbook. About 50 new questions have been added and many questions have been totally rewritten.

Each free test consists of a set of 25 questions, randomly picked from the large pool of questions (the pool has more than 500 questions).

On the practice test you must correctly answer 20 questions to pass (80%), which is slightly more than on the real test.

Taking several practice tests on the web site is one of the best ways to prepare for the real written test. But don’t forget to read the handbook!

What questions can you expect on the driver’s license test?

A written test will cover all the contents of the handbook including road signs, safety rules and legal items. It will sample across all knowledge categories or domains, in order to make sure you have a complete understanding of the handbook.

Meaning, you must both read and practice.

That way you will an advantage over many others, and most likely pass at your first try.

Tests are absolutely free. No hidden fees or strange gimmicks. And you stay anonymous. does not save information about you.

To take one of the free tests now, click on the start button below.


Minnesota Free Driver’s License Test

Minnesota driver's  manual


To qualify and obtain an instruction permit or a driver’s license you must pass a knowledge test.

The Minnesota knowledge test contains multiple choice and true or false questions. It evaluates your knowledge and understanding of Minnesota traffic laws and road signs.

Before taking the test, you must show proper identification. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a certificate of enrollment (“Blue Card”) from an approved driver education course showing that you have completed the classroom portion of the course and have enrolled in behind-the-wheel training. Classroom instruction is not required if you are 18 years of age or older. For information on home-schooling rules and regulations, go to

At exam stations where the test is offered on a computer. The test can, however, also be offered on paper. You can take the test in English or one of several other languages. If you ask, you can also get headphones. They allow you to hear the questions as you read them.

If you fail, you must wait one day. You may take only one knowledge test per day. If you fail two consecutive knowledge tests, you will be charged a fee of $10 to take a third test and any subsequent test.

To pass your knowledge test, you must get a score of 80 percent or more.

To help you pass the first time, now has full coverage of the Minnesota driver’s manual. More than 500 questions. Many of them are very similar to the ones you will see on your real test.


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A Real Money Saver

Sniffing on Money


Virginia DMV Practice Tests. A complete test for Virginia Driver’s License has now been launched at Driver’s Prep. The test consists of 25 questions about road signs, traffic rules and safe driving. As always the practice test is absolutely free, no hidden fees or stupid gimmicks.

Each test is randomly generated from a database with more than 500 questions. You will cover every important aspect of the Virginia Driver Manual and improve your changes of pass the real DMV knowledge exam. Remember, at least one of two (50%) still fail the knowledge exam at their first attempt.

Don’t think you don’t need to read the manual or take any practice tests. You do. And this is your real money saver.

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