Mississippi DPS Driver's Manual - a disgrace

Mississippi DPS Ignore Customers

We Want to Hop Online, Not in Line

Nobody should have missed that people today use Internet to find information.

When you want to study for your first learner’s permit or driver’s license, you will probably look for a driver handbook or driver’s manual online.

While most state departments do a very good job by keeping their websites up to date, this cannot be said about Mississippi DPS @MissDPS.

They still keep their 2011 version of the manual available online, even though several laws have changed since then. When you call them, you are asked to pick up a hard copy at the nearest office. Why should you need to stand in line and wait in a busy office for something so simple?

If you want to study for your MS permit, you want the latest version of the manual. The 2011 pdf-version of the manual is the worst one in the country, according to licenseroute.com.