Hawaii DMV Practice Tests with New Questions

Hawaii practice tests - Photo by Fantasticcaptain

Preparing for the Instruction Permit Test

Passing the Hawaii instruction permit test is a challenging task. In fact, almost every second teenager fail the test at their first try.

The key to success is preparing well. It helps to pass the knowledge test with flying colors as well as to become a better and safer driver. This is especially important for teenagers since the risk of being in an accident is much greater when you are 20 years old or younger.

Why the Practice Tests Help

Studies show that using online practice tests doubles your chances of passing the knowledge tests. To get the largest number of driver’s license and permit practice questions, you should visit the Hawaii DMV tests at driversprep.com.

As always, Driver’s Prep covers everything you need for passing the knowledge test so you will feel prepared and confident when taking the exam.

Currently More Than 600 Questions

The latest update to the tests in February 2016 added almost 100 new questions.


Colorado Driver’s License Tests

Succeed - illustration by Thampapon Otavorn


The online preparation tests for the Colorado driver’s license and instruction permit are updated and better than ever before!

Driversprep.com is the best way to prepare for the DMV written knowledge test. Thousands of users can verify that our tests are effective and easy to use.

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The catch? There must be one…

Well, there isn’t.

I just want to make sure you are well prepared. And that you will be the best possible driver out there.

Get the Colorado Driver Handbook here: http://www.colorado.gov and start your free test here: https://driversprep.com/colorado

New Cell Phone Law in Wisconsin

Young Woman Using Cell Phone While Driving


As of today, November 1, drivers with an instruction permit or probationary license are prohibited from using a cellular or other wireless telephone while driving.

In Wisconsin, anyone learning to drive must first obtain an instruction permit. You are eligible for an instruction permit at age 15-1/2. A probationary license can be issued if you are at least 16-years-old and have held an instruction permit for six months.

In addition to new drivers, probationary licenses are required for the following:

  • Drivers licensed in other countries.
  • Persons with suspended or revoked instruction permits or probationary licenses.
  • New state residents who have fewer than three years of driving experience.
  • New state residents under the age of 21.
  • New state residents who surrender a license that is expired for more than six months.

Wisconsin law also prohibits texting while driving
for all motorists of all ages. That law went into effect in December 2010.

32 states and the District of Columbia have already banned all cell phone use by novice drivers.


Read more: www.dot.wisconsin.gov