Prepare for Your DMV Test

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It is only natural to be nervous before your driver’s license test. Here are some good advice to get rid of the anxiety.

Always prepare for the test well in advance. Take as many practice tests as possible weeks before the real test.

Driver’s Prep Tests has more than 500 questions. Many of them are very similar to the real test. Try to get a score of 90% or more on these practice test. This will boost your confidence. The real test is usually easier!

Try to do something else the day before the test. Cramming too much information into your memory is not always a good idea.

Get a good night’s sleep. Your result will suffer if you are tired when doing the test.

Eat and drink. Again, your result will suffer if you are hungry and thirsty.

Arrive at the test center early. Yes, there will be some waiting time. Listen to music and relax. Think about something else.

When it is time, read instructions carefully. Can you skip questions and go back to them later? Is there a time limit? This is important to know!

When you start your test, read questions and all alternatives carefully. Even if you think you spot the right answer right away, do not stop reading. Consider all alternatives. Just because one answer seems familiar from the driver’s manual, it doesn’t mean it is correct.

If you encounter a difficult question and you can save it until later, do so! Take the easy questions first.

When in comes to best driving practices, you must use judgment and common sense. Focus on general situations without being too specific. Best driving practices seldom cover all driving situations that can occur. Do not read anything into a question that is not there.

Do not skip any questions. If you have saved the tricky ones until last and still do not know which alternative is correct, you should still answer the question. Start by eliminating alternatives that you think are wrong. Often, wrong alternatives are easier to spot.

Good Luck.