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New Updates to Idaho and Massachusetts

You get almost 1,000 DMV practice questions for each State, which is all you need to pass your written knowledge test without any problems or worry. As always, the permit practice tests at Driver’s Prep are 100% FREE. No hidden gimmicks and no sign-up.

How to Pass Your DMV Test

Start by getting your State’s Driver’s Manual. It is a MUST. Then, make sure you read it! It is also a good idea to discuss safe driving practices and rules of the road with a friend or an adult.

When you got the hang of most rules and laws, take some practice tests. This will show you if you have learned the material or not. Go back to the manual and study things you miss on each test. Then, take some more practice tests. This way you will build up confidence.

Read everything carefully. In a world of phones and computers, we tend not to read as carefully as we did when we got our tests on paper. Just remember this, and you will ace on the real DMV knowledge test.

Links to Your DMV Test


New York Permit Practice Test – Road Signs #1

Permit Practice Tests on YouTube

You can now watch some of the permit test questions for your DMV written knowledge exam on YouTube.

The new videos can be used as a learning tool; the same way you would use flashcards. The videos are also good for a quick recap while waiting in line at the DMV office. They are short and compact with just 10 questions in each.

As always, you should read questions and all alternatives carefully.

Non-interactive Videos

Videos are basically non-interactive, meaning you can only answer the questions in your mind. After 5-8 seconds, the correct answer will appear. Just like turning a flashcard.

At the end of the video, however, there is an option to click on a link that will take you to another vide or the online tests.

More Videos

During spring 2015, more videos will be released, covering all states. - more questions

Source: New York Permit Practice Test

Thousands of Questions

Studying - Photo credit: David Castillo Dominici

Why Cheat Sheets Don’t Work

Trying to memorize DMV questions and answers will NOT help you getting your learner’s permit or driver’s license. In fact, too many applicants still fail their first attempt at the DMV knowledge test. In some states, as many as 2 out of 3 fail.

Why is this? The simple truth is that your cheat sheet or sample test will not contain the real DMV questions. Just memorizing a handful of questions and answers is a waste of time and could make you a dangerous driver.

Nobody Likes To Study

Yes, we all hate to study (well, almost all of us). But sometimes it is necessary. Don’t skip the driver’s manual. Combine reading the manual and taking our extensive practice test.

We have a large database with drivers ed questions. Most state permit practice tests have a lot more than 500 questions. Florida and California have more than 1,000.

This will give you variety and a better challenge. Focus on understanding each question, not just memorizing the answer.

Photo credit: David Castillo Dominici