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Foreign Parts

Foreign Parts by Lucas Lima takes us on a journey exploring foreignness, deconstructing and reorganising his daily life in his collages as a foreigner while making the transition from the familiar to the unknown.

This is what Lucas has to say about what the project means to him:

“Foreign Parts represents my journey in reinventing myself abroad. I became a foreigner, an immigrant.”

Lucas Lima was born and raised in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and has lived in Stockholm and London the past four years.

Art Collages in English and Swedish

Why collages?

“I’d never be as proficient and fluent in English or Swedish as a native speaker, so maybe that’s why collages is an important way for me to express myself,” Lucas says.

“The reason I got into graphic design was because of punk, record covers, band shirts, flyers stuff. When you don’t know anything, the easiest way is to cut and put things together. It’s also a big part of the punk culture to do collages.”

Some of the original art from this project and some exclusive items can still be purchased from

Sexual Frustration

In 2014, Lucas Lima also released a new poster series entitled “Sexual Frustration” as part of an exhibition at Mbargo in Stockholm, Sweden


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Foreign Analysis by Lucas Lima

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