Pennsylvania Driver License Answers on YouTube - Driver's Prep Tests

Pennsylvania Practice Tests on YouTube

Do You Want to Pass the Permit Exam?

Do you want to pass the written test for your Pennsylvania driver’s license? Driver’s prep has now added some new videos with practice questions that can help you study quicker and easier.

The first three videos can be found here:

Pennsylvania Knowledge Exam

The PA knowledge exam has 18 questions, and you can only miss 3 of them if you want to pass. This gives you very little room for errors and it’s why you should prepare well for this exam.

Reading the Driver’s Manual is, of course, a must. Everything you need to know is in this manual.

Make sure you get the latest version from your nearest Driver License Office or download it online:

When you start studying, you’ll notice that the manual has several study questions. They are your first step to verifying your progress. But remember, they just scrape the surface. You’ll need a lot more practice before attempting the real thing. Luckily, Driver’s Prep has a lot more questions waiting for you. Check out this link:

Pennsylvania Permit Test Questions on YouTube - Drivers Prep

Who Must Take the Test?

You must pass a written test if you have never been licensed before.

If you have a driver license from another state, but let your license expire for more than 6 months, you must also take the test.

The state will waive the test if your out-of-state driver license is valid or expired six months or less.

With an out-of-country license you must pass the knowledge test unless you are a citizen of France, Germany, or Canada and hold a valid license from your home country.


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