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Learn about Risky Study Tactics for Your DMV Test


Joni Stark guides you through some risky study tactics that could cause you to fail your written DMV test.

1. Underestimate the Time Needed

It is not uncommon for new drivers to underestimate how much time they need to study the driver handbook. Quick reading and a vague understanding of the material may have been enough to help you pass tests in junior high or high school. Learning the rules of the road is a different matter, and usually more complicated than learning things like American History.

2. Wait until the Last Minute

A lot of teenagers are also in the habit of just studying two or three hours before an important test. If you do this before the real DMV test, you are very likely to fail the exam.

3. Late Night Cramming Before the Test

Putting everything off to the last minute and do late-night cramming before the exam, is also something might have worked in high school, but it will not work for your DMV test. There is simply too much to absorb, and you brain needs time to sort it out.

Prepare well before the examination and get a good night’s sleep before the day of the exam. If you are rested, you will do better on the test.

Copyright: Pavel Schlemmer

4. Memorizing instead of Learning

So, you started well in advance. You read the handbook, or at least most of it. And you took a lot of practice tests. Step by step, you improved your score on the practice tests…

It is not uncommon that practice tests and high scores lure into thinking that you already know everything. But practice tests may, unfortunately, trigger a memorizing reflex instead help you to true learning. Seeing the same answer over and over, creates an “image” instead of true knowledge.

5. Trying to Do It Alone

Simply reading, taking practice tests, and thinking about the material in your head may work for some, but most people learn better when interacting with others. Accept help from friends, parents, and others.

How to Ace the Exam!

By avoiding these mistakes, you can learn to ace the permit test.

Photos: Pavel Schlemmer and Ian Allenden


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