21 To Buy, Not Supply – Michigan Underage Drinking Campaign

Campus Campaign in Michigan

Underage Drinking Results in More Traffic Crashes

According to traffic safety statistics, drivers under 21 years are more likely to be involved in fatal traffic crashes. The risk is even higher if alcohol is involved. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson now launches a statewide “21 to Buy, Not Supply” college campus campaign. The purpose is to curb the access to alcohol for minors.

“Our target audience is young adults who turn 21 and suddenly have access to increased privileges and responsibilities,” Johnson explained.

Underage drinking not only increases the likelihood for fatal traffic crashes, but also unwanted pregnancies, personal safety issues, sexual assault, and suicides.

Supplying Alcohol to Minors has Severe Consequences

Young adults should avoid jeopardizing their future by supplying alcohol to minors. A young adult may face $1,000 in fines, 90 days in jail and legal fees of $5,000 or more. Those are just the immediate penalties. Further consequences could include forfeited scholarships, lost wages, and even expulsion from college.

“Keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is one of our greatest challenges,” Johnson said.

Read more at: FreeDMVtest.org


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