Being Pulled Over at Night


Woman driving at night - Copyright: Kirill Polovnoy

What Should You Do?

What should you do if you are pulled over in a poorly lit area and are unsure that the vehicle is a police vehicle?

Recently, a North Texas woman was driving along a poorly-lit road around 2:30 a.m. when she saw emergency lights in her rear view mirror. She pulled over, rolled down her window, and a non-uniformed man approached her vehicle. As she reached for her license and insurance card, she was attacked.


If you are unsure that you are being pulled over by an officer and have a cell phone, stop and call 911 to verify it is a legitimate traffic stop.

Continue to a Well-lit area

If you are uncomfortable about stopping because an area is deserted or not well lit, acknowledge the officer’s presence by slowing down and turning on your emergency flashers.

Proceed slowly to a more populated or better illuminated place.

Officers usually understand and take into consideration the surroundings when stopping a driver.

Even if the officer drives an unmarked vehicle, he or she usually wear a police uniform and always possess a photo ID card and a badge. If the office does not wear a uniform, always ask for identification.

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