Proof of Insurance on Your Phone


E-card -

Tired of keeping track of that piece of paper that shows that you have an auto insurance? More and more states allow you to use an electronic version instead.

Kentucky is the latest state to clear a bill that allows drivers to keep an electronic version of their auto insurance card to show proof of coverage. This bill was signed on March 22.

When pulled over, you can show proof of insurance with a smartphone app or PDF copy of your policy.

When you buy auto coverage online, you get proof of insurance immediately. After a renewal, updated information is sent directly to your smartphone. This means you have the most up-to-date version handy at all times.

Both Arkansas and Wyoming have cleared similar bills this year. Other states that allow electronic proof include: Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota.

Close to 20 states will probably consider new bills or regulations in 2013.

Insurance companies are also catching up. State Farm offers digital identification cards via its “Pocket Agent” app and Geico also offers a digital ID card via its mobile app.


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