Florida Free DMV Test – 2013 Update


Miami Beach, FL

The free preparation tests for the state of Florida have been updated at driversprep.com. Many new questions have been added.

The free preparation tests are randomly created from a database of more than 500 questions. Questions cover all areas of the Florida driver’s handbook. The practice tests are the ideal soultion for anyone who wants to pass the real written test the first time.

Each test consists of 25 questions about both road signs and traffic rules. The passing score on these tests is 80%, which is higher than on the real test.

Your real DMV written examination will include 20 road signs and 20 road rule questions. To pass, you must choose the right answers to at least 15 road signs and 15 road rules questions.

The road sign test is a multiple choice test which consists of 20 road signs for you to identify by color, shape or meaning. The rules test is a multiple choice test regarding Florida traffic laws.

Click on the button to start your free practice test at driversprep.com

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