Your First Car

Ford Fusion


Which car is best suited for a young first-time driver?

According to Joseph B. White @ Wall Street Journal, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry are among the safest bet for a young driver.

Even if the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety nowadays list certain sport utility vehicles as safe choices for young drivers, this is usually not a parent’s first choice.

To come up with the best rides for a teen driver, Joseph B. White crunched the numbers from several key sources of data and safety rankings. Among the midsize cars that scored well are the Accord, the Fusion and the Camry. Three of the blandest cars on the road, maybe, but they are reliable.

White also says that an older, second-hand luxury car may give you a full complement of safety technology. The trick is finding one that isn’t too powerful. Among those that got through mr. White’s filter: the sedate Lexus ES, an Audi A4 and a 2004-2008 Acura TL.


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